Sini Suomalainen

Impact facilitator


Effects and impact of research, interaction, communications



Finland, East Africa, India

Work sectors

Sustainability, innovation, textiles, food waste, sustainable travel, development

New Global is looking for solutions to complex global challenges. Decision makers, companies and individuals have a role to play in solving them. At its best, New Global research results help them make sustainable solutions. The goal of my work is to build trust and open communication between the researchers and decision-makers and to make the results of research accessible and understandable. 

You can train your brain as you can train your body. When your understanding grows, changes in your thinking take place. Living in this process is the best part of working with researchers.

New Global has taken me to a new level in building networks and listening to different tones of voices. Also including art in research impact work has been a new interesting opening at Waves festival, initiated by the New Global project. 

Those who have been most successful in building networks and solving challenges in emerging markets are united by an appreciation for the expertise of others and the ability to keep the door and ears open to very different people’s suggestions.


Sini’s background is in communications and PR. Five years ago she finished her second masters degree at Aalto University digging deeper into sustainability issues and NGO-corporate partnerships. 

Sini is a partner in a sustainability consulting firm Rhea Solutions that is known for launching the first food recycling restaurant in Finland, Loop. Currently Sini works as interactions manager at a research project called Finix – towards sustainable textile system.