Sini Numminen

Doctoral candidate / Project researcher


Energy, Renewable energy, Energy frugality, Energy poverty, Energy saving, Energy efficiency, Behavioural change for smart energy use


Emerging countries, India, Europe, Finland

Work sectors

Sustainability, Development, Energy, Research, Teaching, Consulting

My work at the New Global project was connected with my doctoral research. I defended my dissertation at the Department of Applied Physics at Aalto University in June 2019. In my dissertation I studied the relevance of frugal and affordable energy technologies in sustainable energy transitions in emerging economies.

The horrific environmental catastrophe and climate change are primarily due to the massive (conscious and unconscious) over-consumption of natural resources and fossil-based energy sources by human societies, companies and individuals. We need more awareness on our energy consumption. Smart, thrift and efficient use of energy should become the mainstream way of thinking. Renewable additions will not abolish the need to reduce. Kindly consider turning off a device and avoid purchasing things, please.

New Global research team was an exciting multi-disciplinary group that gave me a lot of inspiration throughout my doctoral studies. I am especially thankful for the research seminars organised for the New Global researchers that offered a place to share thoughts on science and the world.


Before Sini’s doctoral studies, she worked in Germany as a researcher in a European association Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories (DERlab) where she gained a strong insight on the potential of renewable and distributed power units and the smart grids concept in Europe. 

Sini earned her master’s degree in 2009 at Helsinki University of Technology in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Development Studies at the Department of Social Sciences in Helsinki University.