Emma Nkonoki

Senior project specialist / Research assistant


Project management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, International Business and Development


East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Mexico

Work sectors

Water, Housing, Energy, Forestry, Waste, Grassroots

My work at New Global has mainly been to give project management support and research assistance to project researchers.


Emma has worked with the NGO sector for a couple of years, main concentration on Finnish NGOs cooperation in East Africa. She later moved from NGOs to Higher education institutions i.e. Aalto University and the University of Turku. She has been a Research Assistant, Project Specialist and also a Project researcher.

Emma has also worked as a consultant to different NGOs and companies. She is now doing her PhD in building an Inclusive Technology Innovation Ecosystem by emphasising Grassroots Innovations. She is also an Innovation and Development Expert at Fingo.