Minna Halme

Professor, Project Director

Minna Halme is professor of management at Aalto University School of Business. Her research focuses on inclusive business models for poverty alleviation and sustainability management in organizations. She has worked with a number of European research projects and headed several national ones.

Inclusive Business Sustainability in Management

Sara Lindeman

Project Manager

Sara Lindeman is an expert on inclusive business. Her research focuses on market creation in low-income world majority contexts. Sara has worked closely with Finnish companies on inclusive innovation in the fields of renewable energy, forestry and ICT.

Impact business

Teija Lehtonen

Aalto Global Impact Program director

Teija Lehtonen, M.Sc. (Econ) works as a Director of the Aalto Global Impact strategic initiative at the Aalto University. Her professional career of over 25 years covers leadership, business development, human resource and financial management in private sector and international organizations.


Jarkko Levänen

Project Manager

Jarkko Levänen is a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University School of Business. His research focuses on sustainability management in the areas of advancement of circular economy and mitigation of climate change. Jarkko explores energy transitions, sustainable business models and institutional changes. Previously Jarkko has worked in research projects dealing with risk governance of carbon capture and storage in Europe, sustainable industrial production in Scandinavia and the social implications of climate change in the Nordic peripheries.
Sustainability management Circular economy Institutional change

Emma Nkonoki

Project Specialist

Emma Nkonoki is a Project specialist, responsible for providing project management support and research assistance. She has over 10 years of experience in international development projects (Nordics-East Africa). She holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree and a professional Master of Project Management.
Business development Emerging markets Africa

Helena Sandman

Researcher Housing

M.Sc. Helena Sandman’s research is on user centred emphatic design where she uses architecture as an empowering tool striving for social sustainability. Her fields of study are affordable housing and maternity ward design. She is founding member of Ukumbi NGO providing architecture as a means of development and a partner in Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects Ltd. Helena has been teaching multidisciplinary student teams in project-based slum upgrading since 2009 and is lecturing regularly worldwide.
Emphatic design Empowering architecture Labour ward Affordable housing

Tatu Lyytinen

Researcher Business

Tatu Lyytinen is PhD candidate at Aalto University School of Business Department of Management Studies. His research interest includes management and facilitation of international business, business models and business modelling, and business ecosystems. He is interested in connecting scientific and practical knowledge to balance between social and financial outcomes in emerging markets. Tatu has worked with international politics, international business and applied research especially related to Latin America and Africa.

Business modelling Sustainable finance

Sini Suomalainen

Impact facilitation

Sini Suomalainen is an impact business, networks and communications specialist. Her task at New Global is to bring the research alive in the Finnish business ecosystem.

Networks Impact

Anne Hyvärinen

Researcher Water

Anne is a Doctoral Student at Aalto University School of Engineering, in Water & Development Research Group ( Her research concentrates on the water sector, frugal innovations and private businesses’ paths to emerging markets. She is interested in the linkages between water and development and in the means how businesses could support development while making profit. In the past Anne has worked with international water policy and international business development.

Water innovations Business Development East-Africa

Marleen Wierenga

Researcher Business

Marleen Wierenga is a doctoral student at the Aalto University, School of Business. In her dissertation she studies how sustainable innovations for low-income consumers in emerging economies emerge when different stakeholders work together. She will study several cases of different collaboration structures in India and the African continent to get a comprehensive understanding of the phenomena.
Sustainable innovation Collaborative process

Sini Numminen

Researcher Energy

M.Sc. (Tech.) Sini Numminen is a doctoral student at the New Energy Technologies group at the Department of Applied Physics at Aalto University. Her research focuses on frugal innovations in energy with the special attention to off-grid solar micro-grids and energy access in India. She has gained a strong insight on the potential of renewable and distributed power units and the smart grids concept during her former researcher position at the European organisation DERlab in Germany. Her PhD work is supported by a research grant from the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, Finland.

Marko Keskinen

University Lecturer Water

Marko is researcher and University Lecturer at Aalto’s Water & Environmental Engineering Research Group. He is fascinated by practical concepts of sustainable development as well as by integrated approaches combining information, approaches and views from various sectors. Marko’s research and teaching focuses on multi- and interdisciplinary aspects in water management. He is also a keen promoter of ‘soft-tech’, seeking to connect technological and physical know-how with broader understanding of the society.

Peter D. Lund

Professor, Energy

Peter D. Lund is Professor in Advanced Energy Systems at Aalto University. He is also Visiting Professor in Wuhan, China. His primary interest is on sustainable energy systems, innovations, business, and policies. Dr. Lund is active in senior roles with EU initiatives in energy: he chaired the Advisory Group Energy of E.C. 2002-06 and chairs the Energy Steering Panel of European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC). He has served in advisory role in many energy programmes world-wide. Dr. Lund is Co-Editor for Global Challenges, Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment, and Energy Research (all Wiley). Peter Lund has given numerous invited talks, supervised over 30 PhDs and written 500+ research papers on energy.

Olli Varis

Professor, Water

Olli Varis is a Professor of Water and Development and Vice Dean of the School of Engineering at Aalto University, Finland, and a Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. He has a broad and interdisciplinary experience on water, environment and development research and consultation. He is an internationally acknowledged scientific writer and scholar. His research concentrates on sustainable development and water resources management in developing and emerging economies, particularly in Asia. He is the establisher and leader of Aalto’s Sustainable Global Technologies Programme.


New Global steering group

Birgit Nevala, Finnpartnership
Heli Antila, Fortum
Sinikka Antila, Ministry of foreign affairs
Jussi Impiö, Fuzu
Mikko Koria, Loughborough University
Markku Lämsä, Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation
Leena Pentikäinen, Ministry of economic affairs and employment
Pia Polsa, Hanken School of Economics