Anne Hyvärinen

Project researcher / Doctoral candidate


Water, Development, Innovation process, Resource-constrained Innovation, Sustainability, Partnerships,  Policy Development


Resource-constrained environments, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Work sectors

Water, Development, Humanitarian, International Business, Sustainability

My research for New Global is on water innovations, innovation processes and partnerships in resource-constrained environments. I have researched private businesses, varying from SMEs to MNCs, public sector organization and a range of development sector organizations, including NGOs and donors. I am intrigued by the connections between water and development and in the means how different organizations collaborate in innovation development. New Global cases I have worked with: Nanomaji, Grundfos, Innovation intermediaries

Many times it can be better, if you just go and see, and then based on that plan something, and to not be strictly tied to predetermined plans.

Through New Global, I had the freedom to contact all the organisations that I wanted to, and when you are a researcher, you have that privilege that you are not on any side. That was one of the biggest opportunities and that’s something you don’t get in other jobs. And of course, as a researcher you can take the time and go to various organisations, talk to people and drink tea with them. 

I have also learned to develop a certain kind of mentality, of just going and doing. You might not really have an idea of what you do in the beginning, but you go and learn, and sometimes, of course depending on where you are, all things cannot be planned in advance anyways. Many times it can just be better if you go and see, and then based on that you make a plan. You cannot be strictly tied to predetermined plans.


Anne has previously worked in private and public sector as well as with international development organisation. She has worked with international water policy, business development and water engineering. Currently Anne is working as a WASH Innovation Officer with UNHCR in Tanzania.