Business Models

This research has explored the interface between business and development. More particularly, which kinds of business models create positive impacts such as reduce poverty and contribute to circular economy. The findings suggest that entrepreneurs need to take a proactive role in business modeling for impact. This requires new skills among entrepreneurs and investors.

Within this research topic we created

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This tool guides you to search for circular economy business model activities and to identify related institutional features. The tool includes an analytical framework for modelling the complex interactions between circular economy business model activities and the features of diverse institutional operating environments. We describe how this tool can be effectively applied for your purpose. 

The article upon which this tool is based, further links the framework to a case study of two recycling companies operating in Finland and Chile, exploring the links between the firm-level activities and developments outside the firm. The results highlight the interdependent nature of the relationship between the business models and context-specific institutions, the logics between positive and negative value materials, and the differences between countries in the promotion of circular economy.