Videos released

Jarkko Levänen being filmed at Väre building in Aalto University

During the autumn New Global researchers worked with Aava & Bang to bring the research published in scientific journals out for wider audiences. These videos present a few identified pathways aiming at solving global sustainability challenges.


Combining multiple logics to solve global sustainability challenges

How to grow and use forests in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable way in Tanzania? Learn about Panda Miti project funded by Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Creating frugal innovations to solve global sustainability challenges

When entrepreneurship a solution to poverty and when it only makes things worse? Learn about grassroots innovators in rural India.

Using empathic design to solve global sustainability challenges

How can empathic design be combined to architecture? Learn about developing labour wards in India and Zanzibar.

Working with intermediaries to solve global sustainability challenges 

What kind of actors are needed when solving water related challenges in Kenya?