New Global links with Aalto Community of African students

In January the newly found Aalto Community of African students ACAS organised an event ‘Get to Know Africa’. The event gathered students from different faculties and from 9 different African countries.  New global project specialist Emma Nkonoki was onstage sharing her experience in working with projects in East Africa as an African living in Finland. She told how students can get involved in different activities concerning their countries of origin while they are here in Finland. She stressed the importance of being curious and active in following up what Finland is doing with students’ countries of origin including attending relevant events for networking purposes.

Aalto Community of African Students (ACAS) organises or facilitates events that are aimed at helping the students of African origin to successfully integrate and find fulfilment in their studies at Aalto University. The purpose of the association is to bring together Aalto University students of African origin and those interested in the continent in order to promote general knowledge about African culture as part of the diversity of the University. Furthermore, the association supports its members’ interests and development in their careers and studies through collaborating and sharing ideas on business, technology and volunteering. ACAS’ future plans include more events as a continuation to the theme of Get to Know Africa. The next event will introduce others to the various types of foods from the continent with the event Get to Know African Foods. More details on this will be posted on the ACAS website and social media pages – so follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as there will be limited spaces. In addition to ACAS’s own events, they are looking forward to collaborating with other organisations in their upcoming student’s programme and organising events together with a uniting idea of building more bridges between Finland and African countries.