New Global at Aalto’s first East Africa Day

Team New Global contributed strongly to East Africa Day, a special one-day training event conceptualised and produced by Aalto Global Impact. The first event was organised at Design Factory on Otaniemi campus on 12 January 2018.

As an academic guest Sara Lindeman (New Global, Aalto University) discussed with Eija Ranta (Development studies & Social anthropology, University of Helsinki) the market context of Easter African communities and the current trends in sustainable development, including the increased engagement and role of the private sector. Both researchers highlighted the need for systemic change and a balance between an accountable state, a free civil society and a responsible private sector to achieve development goals. The discussion also touched upon power relations and how a human rights-based approach could contribute to development by emphasising participation and accountability.

Jarkko Levänen moderated a session with entrepreneur panelists: Jussi Impiö (Fuzu, Demos Helsinki), Mari Martikainen and Minna Impiö (Mifuko), Jymy Parhiala (Nanomaji) and Saija Hollmén (Ukumbi/Hollmen Reuter Sandman architects). The panelists brought to the table a wide range of expertise from non-profit, entrepreneurship, research and business development perspectives, and shared their lessons and best practices from Eastern Africa. The panelists advised the audience to go about their work with respect, humility and trust/reliance on local expertise, while observing the nuanced differences of local contexts and being aware of the possibility of unexpected consequences/impact of the work.

Emma Nkonoki held an expert presentation on culture and practicalities. Emma shared her best tips on social interactions, foods and culture, transportation, health and safety, providing an invaluable perspective of a person intimately familiar with both Tanzanian and Finnish cultures.

Emma Nkonoki