Institutional market creation

We are exploring the proposition that innovations for sustainability need to be understood within their societal context. Often, they are intimately linked to market re-organizing and institutional change. We are interested in the interplay between micro and macro, between concrete interventions and their effect on the larger systems.

We are studying how markets and institutions change. For example, how new markets and their governance is built up through the mitigation of various viewpoints and logics, how new institutions enable new circular businesses and how pioneering entrepreneurs contribute to creating new institutions and markets.

We are studying the work of system changing actors. These actors may be intermediaries, start-ups, large companies or IGO’s and we are interested in how they perceive the system and what tactics they use to change it.

We are studying the impact of system changing business models. Distributed renewable energy is become a game changing approach in many countries. We are studying how it influences the capabilities of low-income communities to rise out of poverty. In the water sector, frugal household purification solutions are increasing. We are critically investigating if such solutions are environmentally sustainable from a larger system perspective.

Publisched scientific articles

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Articles in progress

Facilitating transformation from the grassroots: Bridging between worlds and fostering innovations globally. Levänen, Lindeman.

Rapid urbanization and lagging infrastructures: Exploring systemic water and energy challenges in Namibia. Savela et al.

Coping with and benefiting from institutional complexity: How do actors in the field of impact investing employ management practices of hybrid organizing? Master thesis: Tapionsalo.

Building governance by constructing balancing practices among varying institutional logics. Levänen, Lindeman, Tervo, Lyytinen, Halme.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship as Institutional Work: Leveraging the Capability Approach to Understand Impacts on Structural Inequality, Lindeman, Levänen, Lyytinen, Bandi and Halme.