Lively discussion followed New Global researchers’ presentations in Leiden

The Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa organized an international conference titled “Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Development” in Leiden this week. The conference consisted of academic paper presentations but also key notes and practitioner presentations.

On the first day of this two day conference, professor Minna Halme and researcher Marleen Wierenga (presenting in the picture) presented their papers. Minna talked in her presentation about co-creation by multi-sector groups and the collective sense-making needed for joint action. In the Q&A session, the audience wanted to know about practical ways helping actors to believe in each other’s knowledge, the actors that should participate when co-creating for inclusive business and collaborative sensemaking of co-creators as a condition for developing successful frugal innovations.

The presentation of Marleen was about grassroots entrepreneurship and the scaling process of these enterprises. There was a lively discussion after the presentation about the role of patents, the definition of scaling in this context and whether grassroots entrepreneurs should even scale.