Entrepreneurial stories from emerging economies

The latest issue of a Finnish magazine called Maailman Kuvalehti features an article on entrepreneurship in emerging economies. For the article, New Global researcher Marleen Wierenga wrote a piece about Mitticool, which is one of the cases she uses in her research. Through experimenting and a trial-and-error approach, the entrepreneur Mansukhbhai Prajapati has developed several clay-based innovations.

The article covers also three other entrepreneurs from across the globe. A Brazilian artisan baker tells about the difficulty of working as an entrepreneur when the government does not provide support. A startup entrepreneur from Myanmar struggles with the poor infrastructure but at the same time operates as a change agent to promote equality for gender and religion. Lastly, a Mexican activist-entrepreneur wants to support agave farmers, but establishing a company in Mexico is difficult. 

The article – written in Finnish – can be found behind this link.