Participation and cocreation

We extend the scope of circular economy by addressing the global resources’ circulation. We highlight the importance of understanding the dynamics of interlinked value chains of products, materials and services.

We study how the idea of circular economy can be incorporated into the business models of companies and how local circumstances influence on business opportunities in material efficiency.

We have explored the conditions under which resource scarcity can turn into a source of frugal innovation and how sustainability goals may influence on companies business models and solution design in energy production.

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Articles in progress

Co-creation as Sensemaking: Collaboration in Inclusive Business Creation in Low-income Contexts. Nahi, Halme, Jack, S. (under review).

How starting points influence the frugal innovation process? Hossain, Levänen, Lindeman.

Engaging users in the design of homes in the rapidly urbanizing Global South. Sandman, Lindeman.