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New Global at SuomiAreena 2017

Together with Natural Resources Center, Sitra, Gasum and Sakatti Mining, New Global organised a discussion at SuomiAreena on July 2017. You can watch it here (in Finnish).

On stage:

Elina Kiiski-Kataja, Sitra

Jukka Jokinen, Sakatti Mining

Elina Lepomäki

Sixten Korkman

Sara Lindeman, New Global

Pekka Haavisto

Mari Walls, Luonnonvarakeskus

How to go from research to impact?

New Global project manager Sara Lindeman, together with Khanjan Mehta, from LeHigh University, USA, was invited to host a session on “how to go from research to impact” at Affordable Energy for Humanity, Innovation lab in Potsdam 15-17.6.2017.

Khanjan Mehta also visited New Global, sharing his experience from leading The Mountaintop Initiative, a university initiative that aims at stimulating learning and growth that leads to insight and enables action in a complex and changing world.

“We need to create a system that awards for the real value and differentiates between the effort and the outcome. You will probably get awarded for both: teaching a child to brush his teeth and for founding a telemedicine company. When the bar is set high, the students can become real change agents,” Metha states.


Team ELMO made it to the finals in Helsinki Challenge

Helsinki Challenge is a science-based idea competition in which teams of scientists from ten Finnish universities work on solutions that help the humankind reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The solution could be anything from a new scientific field to a commercialisable idea, entrepreneurship or pioneering research.

New Global project manager Sara Lindeman is participating the competition at Team ELMO. The team is creating two different solutions to block malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. Their solutions are a novel type of mosquito net and a vaccine that would make human blood deadly to mosquitoes.

Read more here.

New Global researchers victorious at the Finnish ClimateLaunchpad competition

Three teams pitching circular economy business ideas were chosen at ClimateLaunchpad Finland 2017 to take part in the international ClimateLaunchpad final to be held in Cyprus in October. Two of the three victorious teams are run by New Global researchers.

The winner of ClimateLaunchpad Finland 2017 is Pikotech with their idea for developing a business model for combined community scale sawmilling and bioenergy solution for pine forest intensive regions in developing countries. The team members, New Global researcher Tatu Lyytinen and Aditya Poudyal, are currently engaged in customer development in Nepal and Tanzania, as well as in modifying the bioenergy solution to fit the developing country context.

TeMu Materials and Urbantransitioners also made it to the top three. TeMu Materials’ business idea is to turn textile waste into reusable biomaterials with mushroom leather being the main final product. Urbantransitioners’, where New Global researcher Marleen Wierenga is involved in, idea is to build toilets in developing countries, collect urine and produce fertilizer out of it.

The ClimateLaunchpad competition, organised this year in 36 countries, aims to accelerate innovation that enables a low-carbon future. The competition scouts cleantech talent and helps them grow their sustainable idea into a global business. The competition is part of the EU-backed Climate-KIC initiative and organised in Finland by Impact Iglu.


How to embed social change in the core of your business?

Panu Mäenpää (moderator), Soledad Piñero Misa from Ben & Jerry's, advocacy manager Tytti Nahi from Fair Trade and Project manager Sara Lindeman from Aalto New Global discussing.

Panu Mäenpää (moderator), Soledad Piñero Misa from Ben & Jerry’s, advocacy manager Tytti Nahi from Fair Trade and Project manager Sara Lindeman from Aalto New Global discussing.

Ice cream producer Ben and Jerry’s asked How to embed social change in the core of your business at World Village festival in Helsinki in May.

By speaking up about social and economic justice? By applying fair trade principles in the entire purchasing chain? Definitely, but when looking at your core business, you should critically evaluate your own products: for instance ice cream is a dairy product with heavy climate effects, can you go vegan? Ice cream is also typically heavy on sugar and fat: how can you make your product healthy for the ice-cream lovers?

More information (in Finnish).

Jarkko Levänen brought a frugal perspective to Aalto’s Energy Gala

Jarkko Levänen presented frugal energy solutions at Energy Gala, organised as a part of Aalto Festival in May.

Jarkko pointed out that energy access and societal development are strongly interlinked in emerging markets. This means for instance a need to focus on socio-economic context, not product, to help provide energy access to poorest people. To develop context-specific business models companies need partners such as policy-makers and intermediary organisations and to modify existing solutions. Impact business, business that combines economic and development goals, might be the only way to operate at frugal markets.

Sara Lindeman commented Finnish Development policy

New Global project manager Sara Lindeman was invited to a panel to comment the report on the state of Finnish Development policy in 2017.

Sara emphasised that in order to create business that decreases poverty we should be able to create businesses and markets – rather that wait for them to be created – that combine economic and development goals. This requires new kinds of structures and financing tools. Sara also brought up the lack of innovation strategy in the report. For instance digitalization should be seen as a strategic issue in development.

Kari-Pekka Murtonen from Kepa brought up the same theme: innovations are spreading both ways. Tanzania is the first country that has been able to integrate all mobile paying and India is developing high quality healthcare for the fraction of the prices here. These developments will change lives in Finland as well.

More information (in Finnish).