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Heard at New Global panel at Innofrugal

New Global organized a panel discussion and a solutions workshop at Innofrugal 2016. The panel concentrated on cocreating water related frugal innovations. This is what we heard at the panel led by Sara Lindeman:

How does co-creation happen?

Prof. Minna Halme: Give the project time, students a bit of money and believe in your partners.
Prof. Olli Varis: In frugal innovation we are all colearning.
Jari Koikkalainen, Ahlstrom: It’s always cool to be working with young students with new thinking.
Jari Koikkalainen, Ahlstrom: It’s much easier to shoot down projects than to start them. Start-ups have let’s solve it attitude.
Riikka Timonen, Kemira: When we are talking about water, we should always talk about water cycle. Not just water supply.
Prof. Minna Halme: In multidisciplinary projects you should always speak out also your basic knowledge. It’s news for the others.

The three panel discussion groups brought up the following:

The panel emphasized the role of water in nearly all activities of the world; not only as a drink but as part of industrial processes and food production. Water and sanitation related problems are big, and the solutions needed, particularly in emerging markets. It doesn’t really matter who produces solutions as long as they work and serve local needs. Water challenges also affect the development of other areas like health and livelihoods as well.

Start-up-university-corporation cooperation

1) Co-operation between large companies, start-ups and universities requires development and continuous innovation platform maintenance. In most cases, the correct approach is case and situation specific and therefore compliance with good practices works only partially.
2) The fruits of the new type of co-operation are not realized only as new as ideas and products, but they can also change the work culture in the participating organizations.
3) Individuals working in large companies often feel that the organization is too rigid to use agile and innovative ideas. Co-operation with new partners may ease taking new ideas into use and thus agility is not only the cooperation, but takes place also as a side product of the cooperation.

Ecosystems orchestration

Discussion about ecosystem orchestration listed challenges and solutions related to the theme.